Our story

Apron team photo

Apron was started by a group of people who’d spend years building products for global fintech companies. But there was one big problem no one was solving. Business payments. The kind that buy tomatoes, tools, and till rolls. The kind that keep suppliers happy and business booming. The kind that should be super simple to make and manage, and yet, aren’t. Payments eat up valuable hours every week for both businesses and the accountants and bookkeepers who help them.

This is a problem that’s affecting entrepreneurs. Florists and financial analysts. Brewers and brand strategists. The kind of people who build things, break things, change things. Imagine what they could do with this time instead. What would they come up with? What would they create?

That’s why we built Apron as a payments powerhouse. We flip the payment experience from blocking business to boosting it. Apron pulls all things payments together – weaving into your workflow, collating conversations, turning hours into minutes. So you can put those hours to better use – plan the future, take a walk, call your mum.

The truth is, payments hold power. Get them right, and they’ll keep everything else moving forward.


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