Let’s (pay)roll

Pay all their employees, all in one go, all for free.


The Apron edge


With Apron, there are no empty wallets and no approval bottle-necks. So you spend less time on pay day panic, and more time on client relationships.

Upload any file

BACS, FPS, CSV, TXT, XLSX – whatever file type your payroll software deals out, Apron can read and process it automatically.

Fix a rock-solid pay day

You set the payment date and we’ll set the funds aside, so clients and employees know exactly when money’s moving.

Smooth out approvals

Sick of playing pass-the-payment? With Apron, approvals live in one place and are done in a few clicks.

Forget the wallet

Payments go straight from your client’s bank account to their employee’s. No bank apps, no wallets, no top-ups, no extra reconciliation (and zero drama).

We’re tight on security

Apron is designed to keep accounts, money, and every entry point safe.
Head to our security page for the details.

Ready to give it a go?